what do clients say?


why clients love the process:

KENSHO CREATIVE helps creatives clarify their unique purpose and gifts, then create a platform to present key value propositions, services, and messages.

Here, branding goes way beyond basic needs; We illuminate the essential WHY so any HOWs are possible.

Here, websites connect people with the genius behind inspiring voices, projects, and professional arts.

Here, graphics and logos are gateways to the values of a business and connection to clients.

KENSHO CREATIVE designs websites that are customized to suit each client's professional ecosystem, making it possible for entrepreneurs to maximize their reach with a globally accessible online platform for what they love to do.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Kestrel Neathawk, MA, LPC

“Creating a website felt like a truly daunting task and initially, I was swept away in chaos. I struggled to find the root of my essence while also illustrating an authentic brand vision to the clientele I hoped to reach and serve. I was stuck. 

I contacted Kinan knowing he offered both parts intuition and technical skills and I trusted that he could hold space for what needed to unfold. Kinan both guided and witnessed my process in discovering my brand perception with detailed questions and care by facilitating a journey to the core of my values, passions, and vision. 

The outcome is a magical website that resonates with who I am; in a creative palette that offers a service to the clients, I want to attract. I initially considered another web design service, however, my choice in Kinan went above and beyond all expectations and gave me the confidence that my website will continue to evolve as a living and breathing expression as my psychotherapy and astrology practice grows.”

Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Lindsey Long

“Working with Kinan is a breath of fresh air as it relates to tech people (sorry, tech people!). He is communicative, creative, energized. He takes the time to actually get to know you and your brand so that he can match his skills with your needs. Because he takes the time to get to know you, the whole process is easy. Kinan even wrote copy for me (I’m a slacker!) and he totally nailed my voice…it was like magic! 

My website is beautiful and powerful and spot-on because of Kinan. As a mother with a full-time job, building out my side-hustle website was scary! It costs money and takes time (neither of which do I have), but I would invest in Kinan and myself again without question. Kinan was worth every single penny! Go check out my website…his works speak for itself!”

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Yoga Therapist

Shelley Clayton

“Kinan & I worked together on my branding vision for my upcoming business venture. I came to him with a clustered brain of ideas and visions, and he systemically helped me turn it into a hard copy document that captures a solid, authentic idea.  

I feel like we truly worked together and easily collaborated with narrowing down a plan for me. He helped me refine my purpose, think about my image and the image of my business, and create a vision for where to move going forward. Kinan has great skill at pulling the creativity out of you, and he can do it with structure and alignment.  

If you’re feeling unsure about what exactly you need to do or where to get started, he’ll help you figure it out by dreaming big with you and then pulling it into a logical plan that makes sense.  He’s professional, laid back, and easy to work with.  And I’m really satisfied with the end result.”

Master Herbalist

Penelope Thompson

“With my branding work, Kinan was a shadow stenographer, quietly capturing my essence, yet guiding my exploration into self. It’s a beautiful skill that is a part of his gifts, however, the ability to transform that content into visual reflections of me and creatively articulate alongside my site intentions just lends so much more to Kinan’s gifts.

For me, the choice was very clear in working with Kinan. He is knowledgeable, efficient, professional, and so so patient.  Thank you for your beautiful work, I enjoyed the journey!”

Visionary Artist & Tarot Reader

Yana Etherian

“I am impressed of how much I have been learning and expanding my business as I am creating a true master piece/peace of my services. I never knew how a business could be so closely related to ones pleasure in creating. I had different association of “work” and “being” and Kinan has truly helped me bridge both. 

Our time together really created so much harmony in my life. Kinan is so sweet, peaceful, kind, compassionate, truly patient, and very professional. It’s been so rewarding to learn and expand myself this way and I see already so much beauty coming out of it. His branding process is highly recommended.”

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