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seeing (ken) the essence (shō)
of your creative vision
and bringing it to life

simplifying your digital
& marketing needs

Building a website, logo, brand or other marketing materials can be complex and overwhelming. You shouldn't stress and worry about how you're going to reach your clients or sell your services.

With KENSHO CREATIVE's digital media services, you can have a professional AND intelligent "face" to your business. You'll save time & reduce headaches with creative brand clarity and simple website designs.

for those aligned to leading a life without compromising core values.

We support entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives launch their small businesses online. We help people find their voice and reach their audience.

For those looking to share their unique creative vision to the world without sacrificing an alignment to authentic values, you're in the right place.

Kinan Whyte

visual designer / developer / consultant

Kinan bridges clients’ creative visions to an audience based on inspired desires for authentic living where business, entrepreneurship, and higher purpose meet lifestyle, tribe, and play without compromise. He is perhaps most deeply curious about how to support inspired minds and hearts looking to connect what they most love to a creative venture or pursuit. He loves supporting others to awaken and align to their genius.

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bringing your unique offerings out to the world can feel overwhelming.

engaging website design.

When you choose Kensho Creative, your digital real-estate is designed with an aesthetic aligned to your unique product or service values. We truly cares about your audience, client base, and distinctive tribe engaging easily with you because they your vision is clear, aligned & magnetic. 

Give your business the online presence it needs so that those that are passionate about your work have a place to dig in deeper with you. Helping you create this space easily with simple design is part of our mission.

deep & authentic branding.

Believe it or not, branding is connected to your integrity and authentic alignment to a passion, project, movement, or service that is truly inspiring. At KENSHO CREATIVE, branding is a process of communicating your most authentic self. 

With a tried and true branding process, you can rest assured that when you communicate through your brand, you are also communicating from your deepest truth because your business reflects it. 

Clarifying the essence of your creative vision helps you determine your unique positioning, voice, and the image you put out to the world. Learn how to visually express your brand and see how it speaks to the world. Learn how to create a neurological connection between your brand and audience.

Without a brand that is built with your core values in mind and a concise communication framework, you are losing customers in each interaction they have with you. This is essential strategy with KENSHO CREATIVE. Whatever you envision, your brand identity matters because it informs everything you do in your business. 

eye-catching content & visuals.

Bring your voice and best photos to an interactive place. I’ll curate stock photos, icons, appropriate colors, and ideal textures that invite your audience in. We’ll aim to encourage online engagement with the occasional awes of inspired connection and wonder.

clarify your creative vision today.