seeing (ken) the essence (shō) of your creative vision.

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website / app design.

Your digital real-estate should have an aesthetic aligned to your unique product or service values. Your audience, client base, and distinctive tribe all deserve a proper place to engage with you and become inspired by your vision. 

Your business deserves the online presence it needs, and those that are passionate about your work deserve a place to dig in deeper with you. Helping you create this space easily and minimally is part of my mission.

brand identity.

Branding is not just your logo and face of your business. It doesn’t just compromise your strategies for reaching your audience or your unique offerings. Branding is the perception created by your audience. Believe it or not, branding is connected to your integrity and authentic alignment to a passion, project, movement, or service that is truly inspiring.

What is the message you want to get out in the world? Perhaps it’s not a message, but a service. Is it your unique consulting service, a product, or an offering? Maybe you just want a uniquely tailored blog platform or gallery for photos. Whatever you envision, your brand identity matters because it informs everything you do in your business. 

We’ll explore your values, value propositions, and fundamental components to clear messaging. Clarifying the essence of your creative vision helps you determine your unique positioning, voice, and the image you put out to the world. Learn how to visually express your brand and see how it speaks to the world.

content & visuals.

Bring your voice and best photos to an interactive place. I’ll curate stock photos, icons, appropriate colors, and ideal textures that invite your audience in. We’ll aim to encourage online engagement with the occasional awes of inspired connection and wonder.

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about me.

curiosity leads to innovation.

After 3 years learning how to write code and build software during my time at Turing: School of Software & Design, I engaged with all stages of the web development process: ideation, wire-framing, prototyping, UX/UI design, frontend development, backend integrations, APIs, etc. 

After graduating and spending solid time in big corporate projects as a software engineer, I decided to return to my original inspiration: bridging people’s creative visions, based on their most inspired desire to live an authentic life path where business, entrepreneurship, and purpose meet lifestyle, tribe, and play. I am perhaps most deeply curious about how to support creatively inspired minds and hearts.

visual designer / developer / consultant

Kinan Whyte

The essence of my creative vision is to help shakers, movers, and pioneers of innovative ideas in science, technology, art, and holistic health launch their small businesses online and find their voice. I hope to strategically create an online presence for those wishing to share a unique creative vision to the world.

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